It is always difficult to answer the question, “who am I?” The answer changes according to who may be asking, the time of day, my mood, what book I’m reading, and sometimes the weather! My point is that the answer to that inescapable question is ever-changing and multiplicitous. I feel like there can never be one, single summation of who a person is.

A person is their story.

I am an accumulation of not just my story, but my parent’s story, my grandparent’s, and my ancestor’s before them.

That is ultimately why I fell in love with language, particularly the English language. Literature is the medium in which my story, and other’s —people who have experienced different hardships and triumphs— can be shared and added to the bucket of the universal human experience. That is why I cherish stories: they help me to understand worlds that are different than my own, yet inherently similar in the way we all encounter love and loss.

How we tell our story matters.

Stories offer us the opportunity to communicate our own experience in a way that invites others to understand their life in new and different ways. Literature can be a doorway to conversations, thoughts, and ideas.

That is why I edit.

I want to help you be as effective as possible in the communication of your ideas so that your reader can understand, grapple with, laugh, cry, and respond to your story.

If you want to know my personal story, or you have any questions for me as a person, writer, reader, fan of language, editor, etc… please see the “How to Contact” tab of this website!